How concept of Happy Village originated?

Initially the project of making village tobacco free with Anapan & Vipassana Meditation was launched in Kawalgaon Village by VRI in association with Govt. of Maharashtra public health depertment.The response from villagers was very good, participation for Anapana & Vipassana meditation was increasing.

First circular of Govt. of Maharashtra for making village tobacco free

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But there were Many other problems in the village so we thought that Vipassana can help to solve these problems and people will come out of different miseries and the Kalwalgaon village will become real happy village. We proposed this plan to govt. of Maharashtra Govt. accepted it happily and issued 2nd letter.

Second Circular from Govt. of Maharashtra

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There are four steps to implement Happy Village Project in village.

  • First Phase
  • Second Phase
  • Third Phase
  • Fourth Phase

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