Transformation of Kawalgaon Village

  • 1. Total Population 5273
  • 2. About 4 thousand people took advantage of the practice of Anapana.
  • 3. 26 people have been benefited 10-day Vipassana course.
  • 4. At 4-6 places group sitting of Anapana Meditation have been regularly arranged.
  • 5. Ephasis is given for regular practise of Anapana and Vipassana Meditation.People are trying to practise regularly at 4-6 places.
  • 6. During traditional festivals, like Haldi Kum Kum wedding ceremony, Datta birth anniversary, Savitribai phule anniversary 10 min Anapan Meditation is arranged.
  • 7. Increase in the proof of good moral practice.
  • 8. Decreased evidence of conflicts.
  • 9. Increased Mutual interaction.
  • 10. Some people are relived from different addictions like.
  • 11. People from surrounding villages are discussing about the results of Anapan and Vipassana Meditation.
  • 12. Kawalgaon village pattern is spreading in Maharashtra.
  • 13. Till now 15 villages and one city have implemented this project and getting benefitted from the good fruits of Anapan and Vipassana Meditation.
  • १४. 13 workshops on happy village have hare been arranged for Dhamma workers at different Vipassana centres in Maharashtra.

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